Hello everyone,
this time I designed a character and it is almost finished, but im not happy with it. Something is missing, but i didnt know what. The textures? The light? Maybe some more details? (what details?)

Please ignore the missing textures.

Ich hope, you can help me.

Some pants, maybe? XD
Seriously, I would put some more details(accessories), maybe some metal things on his hands, some more details on the clothes he already has. And the texturing… He looks too smooth and glossy.
One more thing: have you tried removing the hair? It’s very difficult to see that he is a frog(he is a frog, isn’t he?).
A, also, pay more attention to the eyes, they seem empty and with no sense.
But, generally, good organic modelling, personally, I always have problems with organic…

well maybe the hair is to soft, not much contrast in it, and with frogs one often thinks of slime, or at least add some water too.
Maybe try to make it less human like and more real frog like, its more a green man with a frog head, try lowering the neck ?
Or better no neck at all (so unrigged look straight up) then bend its back till he looks forward, then you could also increase the width of the shoulders, also do the hands like you did the feed that looks better, the middle (where legs start) can be small with frogs, and small feed but with quite some muscles, but don’t overdo the muscles…
So from where his leg start, to his head you get a V shape as back, make sure there is some contrast between front and back, look at some real frog examples.
and how about black eyes with yellow ? more animal like

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Hello and thanks for the replies

More accesscories - well, this is a point. In the past I tried things like a afro comb or bracers. Later, i figured out, simplicity is better for a character like him BUT I will try to custom his cloth. Better texturing and some more ropes.
The afro is one of the most important features for his character. Sake-San is a old Hippie Afro Frog. Yep - this is him :smiley:
I am doing this for a friend of mine and she wants this afro - so, I have no choice.
I think, the Afro is not realistic enough, but it is very difficult to make a good one. I spent two weeks only for the hairs and they arent that well. Tips?

The eye material is great for a stylized character, but I wonder, why they are dull.

Well, its possible to change his pose but i “cant” redo the shape. Everything has to changed and this would be alot. I have for every object a single texture - dif, spec, gloss, normal and height.
Other eye texture? A good idea. I will give it a try.

Thanks alot.

No, seriously, he needs some pants. Striking a heroic Victory! pose with no pants on? Just ain’t right. At least a loin cloth.

Hello, im back.
I tried few different shorts and at least loin cloth. It wasnt so nice.

(hmm. strange. why there are artefacts at the edges?)

Now I added some details to the cape and finshed the peace amulett. Maybe, he will got some bracers.
The facial expression is … :frowning: