I decided to make the “Sakon” character Naruto. I based this concept ( artist “asstornado” I saw the site “gameartisans” =]

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3D View:

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Wow, nice job!

I do think that his hands look a bit weird, the fingers in particular, also the hair got some pretty flat shading but the rest is amazing.

Great work :slight_smile:

Thanks man! you’re right, I should give more antenção these parts :slight_smile:

Great model, great texturing… but as usual I got something to nag. :slight_smile:
…horrible hair - That said I am no better with blender hair, them and I are archenemies :slight_smile:
However the whole model really suffers from it. It’s really great but the hair really kills it.

I’d either overhaul the material for the hair, or just ditch it and go for polygon based hair, would match the whole style better anyways IMO.

Thanks man!

I lacked focus a little on the hair even, maybe after I do a new render with a hair better =)

Interesting… I just started studying Blender
Thanks for posting all the screen shots

Cool, great character :wink: