Saleen S7

Hi All,

To tell the truth, this is not my first car, but the only one that got off to a good start. It’s a Saleen S7, an American Supercar worth $580,000 US. I found the blueprints on SMCars I think.


The orange paint job in the last photo is probably what I’ll try and use.


First Render:

Second Render:

Third Render:

Third Render Wire:

I’m currently smoothing out bumps in the front panel.

Later on I want to do some experiments with diferent renderers. So far I have Internal, Yafray and Indigo, but would also like to try Yafaray, Sunflow, and that Luxrender one. Any others I haven’t heard of, I would like to try as well.

C&C welcome. Any extra views, angles, wireframes, please ask, I will try to provide regular wireframes but I might not. Also, how do you do wireframes like the car in this thread? Thanks!


Looks good so far! Are you using a tutorial to guide you?

Sort of. I looked at the BlenderArt magazine and it’s approach to car modeling, got a few tips from that, but then sorta developed my own technique that seemed to work for me better than when I followed it outright on my last car, a Ferrari F430, which never even got one panel completed.

My general idea is to outline all the feateres of each panel with strings of verticies and then fill in the gaps with faces. Takes some tuning and cleaning but looks good once it’s done.

hmm, i never thought about doing that. i’ll have to give that a try on my lambo:)

Note: above technique does not work with some air vents. DIE AIR VENTS!

BTW pwnage101, how did you do the wireframes on your lambo? I’d really like to know.

Update on the side panels.
Note the vents I was talking about at the front. Unfortunatley there are an ever bigger set to do next.

Also, a wire, showing the mesh and the trace edges showing the rest of the panel’s outline.

just follow this tutorial

Thanks, had a quick look but didn’t look to good, will try again later. In the meantime, two more images.

Update: Note the orange paintjob is back again, and more progress on the side panels. I tried to work on the tyre tread, but the blenderart magazine tutorial was confusing. Fo all that have read and used the tutorial, I cannot recreate the step where he talks about rotating to layout on the Y-axis. It just doesn’t seem to make sense. Could someone explain how it is done more clearly to me? I’ll ask my friend at school tomorrow (Cuby on Blenderartists) but any other help will be appreciated.

I understand that this is a reasonably old thread now and I haven’t updated it in months, but seeing as I have found the time to work on it again I think I might as well.

As you can see, significant progress has been made, but still a lot to go. Most of the front of the car is done, but only a small amount of the rear. The interior is yet to be done as well.

I m also looking for help on making my model photorealistic. Im am a complete noob at rendering and need all the help I can get. I don’t expect a huge tutorial written out and posted (I’ve had that happen before though), but links and recommendations would be appreciated.

If you look here you could get the exact color.

Hey, I’ve been working on my S7 and I’ve encountered really weird problems. As you can see, the wheels ore invisible, and the headlights aren’t showing up properly either. What’s weird is although you can’t see the wheel, you can see it’s shadow and reflection.


Sorry for the link, Blender froze when I tried to save the image and the best I could do was take a PNG Screenshot.

I understand that people will want to know about 100 different settings to determine the problem, and therefore I am posting the Blend File. I would appreciate it at this point that it is used solely for figuring out the problem, and is not used for your personal projects. If you really want to use it, contact me via PM or e-mail first.


Hope you can help.

You need to turn on (Shift select) every layer that will be part of the render under “render layers” Currently the layer(s) that have the wheels/tires is off.

Oh, and please turn off view subsurf before posting a model like this, the many objects set to View levels of 3 and 2 will make most machines crawl, including those of folks trying to help you.


Damn Pappy beat me to it. Cool car by the way.

Thanks Pappy, I’ll try that. and also I’ll post blends only without subsurf from now on. Sorry about that. Also thanks for the compliment, DichotomyMatt.

EDIT: Working great now, thanks. I’ll post a large render after school, I doubt it will finish in the next 15 minutes before I have to leave.

EDIT II: Does anyone have a decent carbon fiber material I could use, or have any tips about how to create one?

Big update… with everything working now!

Render Time… over 14 hours. Ten minutes without the floor. :spin:

Things still to do… Rear spoiler, diffuser, wing mirrors, carbon fiber material, and a series of environments (some photorealistic renders, some “wow that looks awesome” ones). Not trying to show off or anything (I’d be stupid to try).

Looks pretty clean, now for some more details!

Playing with reflections, HDRi images, and radiosity for the lights.

Hey, looks very good!
I think the lights are a bit strange.
The wheels are awesome!