Salem - The three enchantress

Hi guys,
this is my last job.

Modeled and render in Blender.
The enchantress were imported from DazStudio…naked :eyebrowlift2:
In Blender I made the clothes, the bracelet, the anklet, the hair with particle system and I changed a little bit the texture.
The trees are made with Sapling addon which I have applied a simple image for the texture of the leaves.
The moon is a simple sphere with texture from NASA.
The background was created in Photoshop, also the smoke, sparkle and the bird.

bird brush by
tatoo brush by
lace texture for cloths by

Hope you like it!

I tried to follow the advice of chipmasque…

Strong composition and execution for the most part, one of the better uses of an oversized Moon I’ve seen, fits the psychology and mood of the subject.

The row of fasteners up the front of her garment is a bit distracting though, looks very artificial to me. Also, there’s a perspective disconnect between the view angle of the figures & BG (looking up rather steeply) and that of the fire and smoke, which seem to be looked down on, or at best on a level with. Not gigantic problems but dealing with them would improve the image imo.

Nicely done :smiley: I like it ahaha

Thank you for the sincere comments, I appreciate them very much and try to correct… :yes:

@Evil Moon Moose