Salio BMX

Salio BMX

a fictional BMX- brand. Created in the last 7 day in my spare time (the rear- hub is a little bit older).
I hope you like the pictures! :slight_smile:

High Res:


More pictures:

Looks awesome, the details are fantastic! The stool is pointing up a bit too much I think, at a angle pointing backwards, so I think you couldn’t really sit on it. The tires could also have some hair, (the little things coming out of it to add friction, sorry don’t know the name) and the handle look a bit too high, personally. But other than that, it’s great! Very impressive, specially since you did in 7 days!:yes:

Hi IsaqueLC, glad you like it :slight_smile:

You have to know that a BMX- seat (freestyle- bmx) is not really to sit on it. It is more a help to make certain tricks… like a „barspin“. (clamp the saddle with your knees then spin the handlebar while you are jumping).
The handlebar is a bit high… I think so too but it is “Mainstream”… the Kids want high handlebars. This handlebar match 10" (inch) high.

The „Hairs“ … you mean some artifacts of the vulcanisation process? I forgot that :rolleyes: but I think it also would not look good.

magnificent, almost lost for words :slight_smile:

wow, It’s a great

lovely topic, the detail is awesome
the things that make me sure that this is not real:
the tire colors look a little bit too flat and too glassy (i think!), make it dirty!
blue parts are unnatural, very saturated
the frame itself is missing some reflections, but maybe it’s because of simple background

good job!

oh and the chain looks like it is worn upside-down :eyebrowlift2:

Hi dzosz,

…the tire colors look a little bit too flat and too glassy (i think!), make it dirty!
I have slightly changed the color of the tire, a slight grainy layer of dust.
It is not easy to create a material that looks good from the nearby as well as from the distance.
Actually, I’m still not happy with the result

…blue parts are unnatural, very saturated

You’re right, I changed it. I think the compositing-setup enhances the effect of oversaturation but I like the result.

…the frame itself is missing some reflections, but maybe it’s because of simple background

It`s a matt frame. The compositing also absorbs a lot of highlights.

I made the changes you suggested so kindly. Thanks for the feedback.

Have a nice day.

great modeling

Amazing! I really like it! The details are really good! Keep it up the good work!

can you tell me how you did the welds?

Very professional! This is one of the best renders I’ve seen. Great job!

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

of course…: It`s a simple plane with a displacement- texture.

Hello, very great five stars !

Wow! Super!

That’s really well done!

I’m curious how you did the welds. They look way better than anything I’ve been able to pull off.

This is really really well done. I spent many years in the cycling industry as a product photographer for an online retailer. This is incredibly well done. I do have to disagree a bit with the hub being over saturated. I think it’s one of the better anodized material setups I’ve seen. Here’s a great reference of that ( I wouldn’t change it at all.

The frame material is also really great. I would also disagree with another comment about it being too flat and not glossy enough. That’s spot on for a flat finish you see on a lot of this style bike. Good reference on dark background. (

As far as the tires. I do have to agree a little bit with some of the other comments. Very very close. I think it’s missing one of two things. Maybe add the mold marks or a light file tread pattern to the outer knobs to break up the ‘perfect’ light reflection. Here’s a good reference that has both.

So well done, can’t say that enough. If I had to guess I’d say you have pretty extensive experience with BMX bikes. A lot of the models I’ve seen tend to miss out on little details. Like having the seat too high and level to the ground. Great work.

Thank you jar862! I realy appreciate it!
I have already changed the images… Maybe I should have note this.
dzosz was right, it was to saturated.

The frame was also okay in my opinion.

Tires: Yes, you are right. I try to make a better material.

I have some experience with BMX bikes but I’m not a very good rider… I think you do not have to be good at something to love it :yes: And if you love something, you’re doing something good from it.

Thanks again & have a nice day!

I hope you can understand my bad english

I agree, you don’t have to be good to love it. Sometimes I think that helps people love it even more, the challenge of learning it. I ride bike trials and I’m terrible. But I love the silly sport.

Dude, if you want to start a brand for the frame + fork, you already have the catalog!

Impressive quality. Those details! Those welds on the dropouts!

I just dont like the gyro…im a dirtjump guy :smiley: