blender 2.62 cycle render cpu 1000 samples 6h 11mn .


Great job here, and I m kind of amazed that nobody said nothing( no Im not), aniway, really great job congratulations!

thanks a lot leonnn you are amazing :wink:

Really nice scene; some glitches here and there, but very good overall.
The first picture is the one I like most.
Keep it up!

Nice work abdelsidi !
Too much noise after so many hours!
White walls, lot of emitters close to white faces, lot of glossy materials. Expected.
Something I noticed on some tests. On glossy shader+mixshader, the use of a light path(is reflection/is diffuse) eliminates noise, resulting on a closer to BI shinny effect.
Same for white faces near emitters. But you can’t use it on the walls, it will destroy all the GI effect.

So just to clarify Michalis…because I just tried this and I think its working:)…are you saying in the node editor have a glossy shader and a light path and then with a mix shader plug both into that and set the mix to 0.5? Like I said it seemed to really help, does it work as well with glass or just glossy shaders? are quite a wizard so far with cycles. It nice to have an expert around:) thanks!

thanks for you help michalis if you add an image for the nod = glossy shader+mixshader , thanks serekg1080 ,@Carrozza ,

Nice complex work there. The advice on noise sounds good, I’ll try that too. From a design point of view, the tv area seems a bit cramped. You might be modeling a real project so then you get what you get, but if it’s a personal project you can be more generous with yourself :wink: Tilings on floor and some materials as the lamp can be improved.

thanks oanav for the tips

latest update final render :