Hey guys!!
This project was a contest to a blender Hispanic community, the theme of the contest was a salón (lounge), the result here:

Blender 2.47 + Indigo, 11h render

dude, why do you post pictures in this forum? -_-"
now seriously, i think this is yet another example of what realism already can be achieved with blender today.
The only thing i noticed was that my eyes hate the contrast between the sharpness of the closet and the ‘clear’ gloss reflections in the tv.

simply stunning picture :wink: , superb!

Cool, cool. The TV is maybe a bit too reflective, and the view out the window seems too bright for the amount of light coming in…the deck seems too bright to even be realistic. Also, the render seems to have a very light noise texture all over it, but this could just be my eyes, my monitor, my mind, or an illusion, or something like that. But I see it in most of the Indigo renders I see…strange…

But the rest of it is very nicely done, very realistic. Almost could be a photo out of a real house…with no kids living in it…lol.

Oh wow, this is awesome! Though I noticed some irregularities with regards to your lighting and diffusion of light, most especially on the outer area of the room and on the curtains.

But nevertheless, this is a very subtle and well-made architectural image. Great job! :slight_smile:


For some reason the render strikes me with a tiny toylike quality, maybe like a stop-motion set. Very beautiful render.

Impressive work! Su imagen es realmente muy hermosa. Muy bien, hermano!