What type of camera are you using…I’m assuming a very wide angle, but the problem as I see it, is that you have some really bad lens distortion. I think I would first try rotating your camera, so for instance, make the bar straight horizontally in a new render. You will still have lens distortion going on vertically most likely.

I would then take that render into Gimp or photoshop and work on the vertical lens distortion. (I’m not positive if gimp has any lens correction filters) I’m sure you are trying to show as much of the saloon as possible ( I get that) but anyone who uses wide angle lens, like in real estate photography, most always needs to do some lens correction. But you will have much better luck with it I think if you can get a render with at least the horizontal lines actually going horizontal.

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SaloonInterior so far, sry for

the floating beer :stuck_out_tongue:

It really is a nice beginning. Should be top shelf when finished. Only crit I have is about the piano, and this is just opinion, but it seems to me that a saloon would be hard pressed to have a grand piano vs an upright.

Hey Elsdon

Thx for another comment really keeps me going. Not sure yet if I’m going to change it for the moment but I totally see your point and probably I WILL change it down to the end.


It definitely looks better already! I really can see some nice atmosphere there. And speaking of atmosphere…maybe some “god rays” and dust? Or just some smoke… Of course these are just ideas. It already looks great!
Nice too see you got some variation on the wood. More pleasing for an eye.

Incase you know how to get decent god rays in BI I’ll do it with much pleasure! Only that I couldn’t get the Halo Lamps working properly in my scene. Smoke is in though but not visible for now. got some nice and quick renderable halo smoke of cigarettes

This is looking much better! I can almost already see a bunch of people hanging out playing poker, and being led upstairs. haha

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