salt falling from salt holder

If we want to show salt falling from salt holder on a plate, do we use particles for creating salt?
If so how do we assign the size of each salt grain and how do we confine it within salt holder so it can only pass through salt holder holes?

If particles are not the best tool what else can I use?


You make the particles an object (via cube because salt magnified is a cube).
Then add physics to the object so the salt will pass through the holes.
But here’s a problem,
Since you said “Salt” you have to realize that could be up to 200,000,000,000 (two hundred billion) cubes if you need to make the salt in the salt holder. So if you’re computer can handle it, go for it. :slight_smile:

I’m not really sure what else to use except particles either.

The salt is not being stopped by the salt holder, as if the salt holder does not exist. How do I confine the salt within the salt holder so it can fall only through the holes of salt holder

Make sure the Physics type of the holder is set to static.

… Concentrate on the EFFECT, not the process.
Salt inside the shaker is part of the shaker model, not part of your simulation
Holes of the shaker are your emitters for the particles.
Salt is particles that use a tiny cube for their rendered shape.

In Blender 2.63, using “Blender Render”, where would I be able to do that? I noticed in “Blender Game” under physics there is an option for static, but I’m not using Blender Game rather I’m in Blender Render mode.
I tried it in Blender Game and set the holder to static but still particles pass through the holder also tried setting the collision Bounds same thing!

Perhaps you should post a blend file

This first attachment is by using Boids, the second attachment is by using Newtonian. In both particles pass through the box. Thanks
saltholder1blend.blend (1.32 MB)
saltholder2.blend (811 KB)

In your files the box is your emitted particle (grain of salt) and not the salt holder. You need to add another cube as the salt holder and then with this selected go to the physics panel and turn on collision.

Thanks turning on the collision worked.