Salt Lake City, Utah- SLC Blender User Group

Monthly Blender 3D Meetup @ Downtown SLC Library Creative Lab
Please get on the waitlist if full and we’ll try to make it work, at least for next time.
We’re growing fast! If you know of a classroom with Blender installed we could use, please contact us.

We’ll discuss basic or advanced topics, as a group or individually depending on interest. If you like, work on your own projects while you listen in.

Bring questions, help answer others. Learn and share Blender and related 3d/design/art skills. (Blender is just a really powerful tool/pencil; It shares concepts with many other tools. Producing good work takes much deeper skills. You certainly have skills that others could benefit from.)

The Creative Lab at he Downtown has Blender installed on at least 5 computers or bring your own laptop. (They also have Adobe Creative suite, sound/photo/3d printing/vr/sewing/printing equipment, paid by your taxes! Thanks, I’ve enjoyed it! I guess you too can come use it anytime they’re open. )

Join our chat here:

We aim to make this group useful even to people that can’t meet in person.

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