Salt Shaker Salt

I have modeled a restaurant scene with a plate, wineglass, silverwear, menu, etc. as well as a salt shaker. I want to add salt to the salt shaker and since I am using an external renderer (SmallLuxGpu), it is highly realistic so I want my salt to be too.

My problem is I want to add salt to the salt shaker via a particle system with the particles duplicating an very small icosphere (salt) AND have the salt shaker stop the particles and collect them. After the salt shaker is full, I want to render it on the finished frame. I have tried using collision on the salt shaker as well as the salt object, nada, passes right through (evn with permeability on both maxed). I have tried making them rigid bodies, making them components to other physics sims, dinking with every setting there is until I just can’t take it anymore and decided to seek answers. I can’t find any you tube videos (Blender particle fill, Blender particle collection, as well as a bunch of other search strings) as well as exhastive google searches so I am posting here for help.

Does anyone know how to have emitted particles collect with collision (or any other method)? As well, I want particle collsion so they stack on each other and fill the container. Thank you very much for reading, it’s greatly appreciated :slight_smile: .

Oh, sorry, another thing, I am using Blender 2.53 with a high end system that should be able to handle so many instances of salt (hopefully).

My first impression is why try and fill the container this way? Unless you can get the physics very correct, it probably won’t look right, and the number of particles (salt grains) seems kind of outrageous given the end result – 99% or so of them hidden by the outer layers. Plus if your salt material uses RT you’ll have a jillion or so objects to trace.

Seems like you are not animating, so why not use material magic to make the majority of the salt that fills the shaker, applied to a mesh that fits the shaker’s internal contours, then use your particles idea to sprinkle a layer of “beauty” grains across the top. I know you can make particles stick to surfaces (just did that myself, in fact), and with enough coverage, it should disguise the “mock” salt (not rock salt :wink: ) underneath.

I’ll try to figure that out :slight_smile: . I actually went with making an interior shape I textured with a noise image I made in photoshop and it came out better than I thought it would but knowing me I’ll change my mind and try the particle approach. Thanx for the reply :slight_smile: .

You should check out the recent article on blendernation about some upcoming materials properties. It’s one of the recent headlines at