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Hi all!

A view month ago (in April) I posted my first picture. Now, since I have Poser, I added two caracters to make this graphic more interesting. Unfortunately it’s not very comfortable to use Poser caracters in Blender because Blender is unable to import *.obj files. Well I can export a Poser file into *.dxf format but then I will lost all texture informations. Very bad …

Please take a look at:


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looking very good! the boat looks entriely color shaded, no texturing =\ how about some grit/water stains/barnacles/stickers/ or even the boats name painted on =) and on the boat needs some shadowing, there should be some nice soft dark nighttime shadows such as under the ladder area, or under the torpedos…and the following is just a scene suggestion, maybe add some particle rain for a more night time storm look? but thats depending on the scene u wanted…

i love all your modeling, and the overall lighting is great too

Now, since I have Poser

oh no! hurry! run norton antivirus to cure yourself of that disease! hurry! :wink:

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Hi imgranpaboy (what a difficult nick …)

Damned, I hoped that nobody will notice the missing name :wink:
To add some rain is a great idea indeed but I’m not familiar with Blenders particle system. Regarding the shadows: there’s no light source that could produce shadows. I could add a shadow-only spot, but then the shadows suggest a light source comming from a determinable location but there isn’t one …

Poser is a disease? :slight_smile: Actually it’s not too bad. A view weeks ago I tried to made a human character. It was painfull and don’t ask about the result. It looked like a kind of … alien. A very ugly one. :slight_smile: With Poser, you have a very easy-to-use solution. However, there’s a good Poser to POV-Ray export software available that allows you to keep the Poser textures and then you can get very impressive results. That’s the reason why I’m learning POV-Ray at the moment.


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Hi imgranpaboy (what a difficult nick …)

lol, just call me gramps :wink: or my old name blengine…

there’s no light source that could produce shadows

what about the moon? :wink: on a bright night, the moon casts some nice really soft shadows… even if its a faint 0.3 energy only shadow spot with really soft shadow, it would look delicous and add to the realism…in reailty, the light souce u have would bounce everywhere and cast at least some shadowing o nthe objects on the boat… =)

well, i just dont like poser cause its like taking a test with the answers next to u, the answers arent your work, the only work u do is filling in the answers on the actual test :wink:
granted its so tempting to use the correct answers to get a great grade, those grades will get u no where in life if u didnt earn them… granted your mom will be happy u got good grades, if she ever found out youd be grounded…have i gone too far? :smiley:


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nice, very nice!!! keep up the good work!!! 8) 8) 8)

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This is Wavefront OBJ format right?

If you can send me a copy of the object file I think I can
weed out the texture vertices and make an export function… I’m
thinking about getting a copy of poser myself…


[email protected]

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i got me an idea about the waves

if the waves had white tops to them it would look a bit more real

the way i can think to do it without the particle system is to copy the whole water mesh and select all the vertices that are lower than you want then delete them. put a white noise type or cloud type texture and turn on z-transparent and turn the alpha down on one of the colour bands in the texture thing.

you could probably work out a better way but i feel no point in sugesting somthing that you can’t work out how to do.

great modeling great people

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Thorax, thanks for your help, but for this scene I don’t need the original Poser textures. But if you’ll have a solution to use Poser characters with its textures, please let me know! :slight_smile:

Alltaken, nice idea. At the moment I try to add some rain. Maybe somebody knows a usefull tutorial how to use Blenders particle system to create realistic looking rain … I’ve no clue how to do that.


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nice boat. like everybody said so far, it’s a little bare and flat…an idea of mine would be to lower the back side a bit, make a kind of depression, kinda like -_/- if you get my drift. Another thing, that spotlight could use a faint halo.

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I’m surprised that I still get responses. Well, you’re right, actually this image still need some work. I also want to add rain and some mist, but Blenders build in fog is not very impressive. I’m currently working on another project, so it’ll take some time …

Thanks and regards,