Same cross, new textures

(pofo) #1

I didn’t like how the textures turned out, so I started over with them. Now it’s all blender procedurals and I like it much better. It’s not much, but since I have my exam in quantum mechanics tomorrow I couldn’t spend too much time on it (probably shouldn’t have spent any time on it at all ;))
Any comment? pofo

(JD-multi) #2

Cool, the metal looks realistic, how did you do that, uvw mapping?

(MadMesh) #3

Make it GLOW! Make it GLOW!

(pofo) #4

That’d make it look too much like something to hang in a christmas tree. :wink:

The metal is done with a couple of reflection mapped blend textures, a stretched cloud texture and a noise texture… and I think I put a little bit of magic on the specs.

I forgot to mention that it’s based on those orbo necklaces in Witch Hunter Robin (the name really doesn’t do the series justice) pofo

(S68) #5

Very cool, your metal is great.

What’s the gren thing?