same material but different transarency


I want to use the same material on several objects but I want to set the object transparency on a different value for each object using this material (to be able to animate the transparency so that I can have the objects progressively appear the ones after the others).

I’m using blender internal (as I want to use freestyle).

I can’t find a way to do this. I’m not able to animate the transparency property of the material with a different value for each object using the material.

Any idea ?
With drivers and some python scripting in the driver value ?



What I’ve used in the past is a base material
Then for each other object use material nodes with your original material used in the node as a base material. You can apply changes such as the node material alpha. If you change this base material then all the other node materials that use it will all change together

base material.blend (98.4 KB)

Thanks for your tip with a blend file !
When I set the alpha value to 0, the cube is no more displayed, but at the location of the cube there is only the background. For example, if I put a non tranparent cube behind a transparent cube (with apha=0 in your node), we don’t see the cube behind.

I will try to manage this with visible layers or render layers.