Same material, different color

I imported an SVG file of a deer composed of 3 colors. I want to join the colors at the nose and at the puddle, but when I go to fill it in and apply the same colors, they look different. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. The blend file has me doing some of the joining at the nose as an example.


Deer Lake Logo 03.015.blend (730 KB)

“I want to join the colors at the nose and at the puddle, but when I go to fill it in and apply the same colors, they look different”
you want the puddle to have the same color as the nose?
and where do you find “fill”? you mean adjusting the colors?

im sorry but i dont understand the question, and while having a look at the blend file i could not find any problems.

Anyway… i did some cleanup for you, and simplyfied the mesh. i cut the polycound in half without affecting the look at all, and i also removed all the unnessasary edges.

so to explain a few things for you, witch might help you solving the problem.

  • Materials
    This is the materials assigned to the object. each object will have a separate group of materials depending on witch materials you have assigned to the object

  • Assign
    When you are in Edit mode, the Assign button will be available. if you select a portion of the mesh, and hit the assign button, That part of the mesh will be given the selected material

  • Nodes
    I see you are not using nodes. Nodes will let you select what type of material this is, if its a glossy metalic material, glass, diffuce, etc… and you can also make your own materials by mixing and adding using the node edditer.
    you might want to click the “use nodes” button. i dont know if it uses “deffuce” as default if no nodes are assigned.

  • Mateial color
    this is the actuall color of the mesh, witch will be displayed when you render it. this will not change how the mesh looks in the 3d viewport, unless you have “material” or “rendered” selected. (maybe “textured” too, but i dont think so)

  • Viewport color
    This is what changes the color in the viewport. if you adjust this, you will see that the color in the viewport will change, but that change will not affect the color when the image is rendered.


Deer Lake Logo 03.015.blend (526 KB)

I appreciate the cleanup; it’s something that I’d like to learn to do as well. It’s been about 2 years since I’ve had a chance to touch Blender, and I’ve got a lot to remember and learn.

Hopefully, the blend file I attached opened on a closeup of the seam between the nose and the snout. I want to join those two together and fill the seam with the snout color. I make edges between the two parts, fill them, and assign them the SVGMat.002 color. However, when I look at the seam in object mode (rendered as well), each filled space is a different color, like the light is hitting each face differently. I don’t understand why it’s doing that, since this is a 2 dimensional object. I filled in the upper right side of the seam to demonstrate.