Same material on several object but with offset

Let’s say I have 50 cubes. I want to use the same material on all of them,
but on each cube, the material should be slightly offset. Must I do it manually or is there a faster way?

Bump… Any ideas?

Take a look at this tutorial - this deals with randomising object colours - but you could use the random (or object index) as in input to control anything you like.

it’s not very complicated, and there are lot’s of ways to do it…

one way i do, is to use the random from the Object node, and add to the original UV. If, for example you multiply it, it’s possible to have different scales of the texture.
if the offset must be in just one direction, you can use the seperate RGB, and perform the transformation in the channel(s) you whant to offset.
In the end just connect the result to the vector of your texture.

edited: If you are using an array modifier, than random doesn’t work, so you need to apply it.

Thanks guys!