Same mesh data - Project from View

Hello. Is it possible to distribute the UV mesh using the “Project from View” method on separate objects with the same mesh data? I mean the effect shown in the screenshot below.
I know that I can use another object as “Texture Coordinate”, but when I want to rotate objects with texture overlaid, for example, it will be deformed.
Thanks for any advice

In 2.93.1 I get your expected results.
These are all separate cubes, is selected all of them and went into edit mode then did unwrap-project from view.

I just checked version 2.93.4, and I’m not getting the effect I mean. In your case, probably each plane has different mesh data.

If they have the same mesh data they also share the same UVs…so this isn’t possible. Anyway what is your initial goal you wanna achieve?

My goal is to apply a texture containing the logo to identical objects that will be stacked side by side. Objects share mesh data to optimize the scene. As I wrote above, I can use another object as texture coordinate and this method works very well, but only on a flat surface. In my case, individual objects will be animated, so unfortunately this solution will not work.

Again, linked objects (same mesh data) are the same. The only way i can think of to optimize this is to make different parts… well different and resuse the rest ?

In this case, probably only Make Single User will solve the problem, however, it seems to me that in similar situations the “Project from View” operator should be able to properly distribute the UV grid even when the objects theometry is the same.

I’m not sure if i understand you initial goal? Do these objects are equal but build a logo in total with their different textures? (Anyway regarding optimization: about how many polys are we talking. )
But again about you claim “should be able”: How should that be possible if these are all instances of the same object? The UV’s will be unrwapped on the one and only existent object… They aren’t from 0-0.2, 0.2-0.4, 0.4-0.6, 0.6-0.8 and 0.8-1.0 but only from 0-1.0 (if unrwrap project from view bounds) and the instances are in different positions just as @DNorman and i did with duplicated object (no instances).

Since linked objects share mesh data and mesh data includes uvs, it’s impossible to have linked objects with different uvs.

Have you tried array modifiers? That way geometry can be same (until modifiers are applied) but uvs can be manually offset:

Just don’t forget to turn on “Modified Edges” in uv overlay settings or uv offsets are not gonna be visible until you apply array modifiers which defeats the point.


Yes sorry I did not read the question thoroughly, my cubes had different mesh data.

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In this project I will not be able to use it but thank you very much for the hint, because I did not know this method :slight_smile: