Same mesh on different objects - can those objects have different uvs?

Hi everyone! I’m about to make some big changes to a model i have so i was hoping to just make them all share that mesh. Problem is, all of the objects currently have different meshes, which allows them all to have different uv layouts(for a lightmap). So, i was wondering if there was a way to have multiple objects with the same mesh have different uv layouts. Thanks! :smiley:
(btw, i have searched, so no comments asking me too lol :D)

As far as I know it is not possible.

But I do not all options of Blender. You can for example assign materials at object layer rather than mesh layer. But this does not work very well in the BGE.

Hmm, thanks monster :). I wonder if its possible to assign uvs at object level as well, cause that would work :). I had a look at the documentation recently, but i couldn’t find anything on it, but ill take another look now that i know what to look for :D. Thanks!

Sorry to bump, just its been a few days and i have a time limit lol :D. Does anyone know how to achieve something like this? Or, is it possible through an addon maybe. Thanks! :smiley:

I know you can assign multiple UVlayouts to the same mesh, then, each object will use one od the UVlayouts.

The problem is that if two objects share a mesh, then they also share UV co-ordinates and everything.

I once heard that libnew could be used for this purpose? But I’ve never done it. It’s easier just to make different objects, or, if the only change is some broad colour over the whole thing, use object colour.

Maybe the Object Color (or for more complex Things even Vertex Colors) can via Script be used as a Factor to specify the UV Coordinates?