Same object appears in different places on the stage in Game

Hi, My name’s Bart. I am new on this forum :slight_smile:
I’am doing a game in blender so i’ve got some problems.
Hope you’ll help me to solve them :slight_smile:
So there is the problem:
I have got an plane in game and object_01 is walking on this plane.
on this plane there are 3 trees: tree_01 tree_02 tree_03.

when object_01 is near tree_01 then near the tree_01 appears object_02

when object_01 is near tree_02 then near the tree_02 appears object_02

when object_01 is near tree_03 then near the tree_03 appears object_02

How do I make one (same) object appear in different places, depending on the position of the object_01 near those trees.

Thanks in advance,

Add an empty at each location you want that the object appear
with a Near sensor (that check the walking object property) linked
to a Edit object Actuator that will add the same object
that must be in a non active layer.
You must delete the previous objects, i guess!!??
Can you do that???
If not let me know here