Same texture on different objects

Hi, I was wondering how I would use the same texture on different objects, preserving the scale of the texture. For example, I create a texture of some wrapping paper, and then apply it to different sized boxes. I can’t get the uv’s to be in proportion of the size of the boxes, so the texture appears different on each box. Hope I was clear enough. If not i’ll post some images.

There are multiple methods to accomplish this . . . you may find one better than another based on the type of mapping coordinates.

Instead of assuming your specific situation or trying to explain them all, I just quickly threw together a demo scene:

These cubes use 2 different kinds of mapping, and all use the same texture file.

Download the packed .blend here to dissect it. Check out the differences in the map coordinate and texture settings, along with the UVs of the cubes on the left.

If you still have questions, feel free to post back.


First of all thanks Cire! I appreciate the effort :).
I still didn’t get the problem solved though. I saw both metods you used, orco and uvmapped. The fact is that with the “orco method” you changed the multiplier in the map input. This method can only work with known proportions between objects. With the “uv method” I saw you practically manually did the same thing, so if u only have 6 faces it’s simple to easily fit the texture the way u want, but in case of more complicated objects…it’s difficult to exactly unwrap with exact proportions. Or at least, this is what I understood from your file. If not please let me know!
Sorry for my english, I probably didn’t explain myself very well.

Again, thank you!

Your English is fine . . . the misunderstanding is due to the fact that I assumed your actual situation was close to the simple example you mentioned in your first post.

You’re right that these methods become less effective on more complex meshes/mapping. What exactly are you trying to map? A render or screenshot would be helpful. Or post the .blend, if you can.

Here’s my case. The blender logo is supposed to be the same size on every box, but as you can see, it isn’t. I really don’t have the will power to manually adjust every single uv map…there’s got to be a better way. Notice that the box is not a simple cube. Actually it’s just a folded plane, as you would do with paper.

Hope you can get something out of it.


Use object mapping.
The section “Position a Decal on a Mesh” in particular.

What you could do is either use a different Empty per mesh or reuse one of the mesh to make all the others match it’s mapping dimensions (the target mesh will be mapped as Orco, the others as Object with the name of the target). You’d get more control with Empties though.