same texture why different?

why does the plane not look like the cylinder - same texture.
vers 2.47

later i moved the sand (still not grainy) below the water.
how do i make the water a bit see through.
i used ray trace transparency - obviously not correctly!
as i also want a slight seflection i used raytrace mirror.


sand.blend (214 KB)

sand1.blend (214 KB)

Okay I got the problem. If you go to your materials buttons and look at the textures off to the far right. Look at Map Input and click Orco. That is what is messing it up.

For transparency, go to Mirror Trans buttons in that same window and click Ray Transp then go to the Alpha slider under the place where you see all the color selections. It should be named A by default and set to a value of 1. and if you want reflections just click Ray Mirror and change the RayMir slider to maybe .1 or something. Hope that helps! I can give you images if that doesn’t make sense. Hope it helps!

orco worked now i will try the other.

is there anyway to see the water ripple and have it a bit see thrugh?


sand3.blend (211 KB)

If you want it to ripple just add a wave modifier in the edit buttons. It is a sweet modifier. And then you can add the transparency over that, in the materials just add Ray Transp. Then just mess with your alpha slider. Hope that helps!

I am having no success with the wave thing!
it just puts the water on a slant!
as there is already a ripple on the mesh plane. can i use that?


If there is already a ripple on the mesh than that is fine. You don’t have to have a wave modifier to have it transparent. They work separately. But if you want the wave modifier to work you need to subdivide your plane a few times, it works on verts, so you need some geometry for it to work. Hope it works for you!

well i perservered with the wave thing you suggested.
see the odd blocky reflection?
any ideas?


sandwave.blend (229 KB)