Same Vertex Positions, Different Reflections

I have two different blender files. The files started out slightly different, with different vertex positions but the same overall result, other than the reflections. So I started wondering: Why does one have better reflections? At first I assumed it was the vertex positions. But after moving the vertices one by one to the same exact position, hoping to see which vertex was responsible for the difference in shading, there’s still a reflection difference. And now all vertices have the same position (At least I’m reasonably sure of this).

So the question is, why am I getting different reflections on these two objects, that are seemingly exactly the same? Please help!

Here are the blender files for comparison:

And here are the pictures of what I’m talking about:

Thanks! :smiley:

It’s odd, but it appears to be something to do with how the normal of large polygon is being in interpreted. I could find no obvious answer, but having deduced that poly was the issue, I simply selected the upper right vertex and lower left of that poly and hit ‘j’ to split it into specific direction triangles. Go into object view and the “square” shading has gone. Go back into edit, select thoes to tris and hit ‘F’ to make it one face again and the normal is re-interpreted and the shading stays as is, leastways, it did when I did it.

Thank you! That is interesting. I’ve noticed differences in shading when creating triangles like this but I like the solution here because it ends up as a quad again which is nice. It’s just odd that blender has two different ways of interpreting the same shape, which makes it hard to get the results you want since the behavior isn’t 100% consistent. Anyway, this does seem to answer the question so thank you for your time. Have a good day! :smiley: