I was reluctant to post this here, because everytime I always unfinish my projects. But, I think it’s actually I get bored, and after a long time, I come back, and it’s a whole new project again, because it is.

What this short is about is a seed animal, Samentier. That’s the name of the species.

Here’s a pic. C&C please.

looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere:P. is it just me or… samentier and seed makes me think of… nah, must be my screwed up mind.

Looks cool, but the overhanging roofthing… looks like it isn’t really attached to the wall(though two little thing would make the difference.

Nice building, but I can’t see the “animal” clearly. Looks like a cross between a chick (as in a baby chicken) and a turkey.
The render is quite grainy, turning your AO samples up should help you there. I like the light setup, looks good.