samgame blender game library v 0.2(update)

new version 0.2
for more info
to download
Hi every one
this is first version of samgame library for blender game engine
I develop for my game and for blender users
The most important thing in this version 0.1
New camera system
For more information and download samgame library and .blend test
download samgame library and .blend test
>>download<< zip 100KB

version 0.1 info

1-SamGame New Camera Systam:
1-Soft follow —> OK
2-Back player —> OK
Mode 0 -> Around “”" free Around “”"
Mode 1 -> Hit To go Back “”" for Action game “”"
Mode 2 -> Always Soft Back “”" for car game “”"
3-Cinematograic —> off
4-Collision Detection —> off
5-AI Camera Man —> off

mode = Camera(Object,Space,Height,Time,Mode)
and the out from that = Mode

2-SamGame Blender Shortcut:

1- OB(“Object name”) # get Object “do not but OB in the name”
2- Sen(“Sensor name”) # get Sensor
3- Act(“Actuator name”) # get Actuator
4- Run(“Actuator name”) # activat Actuator
5- Mouse() # show mouse
6- Pal50() # set FPS to 50

3-SamGame Math:
1- getZAngle(matrix3x3) # get Z angle from matrix --> 0 to 360
2- getSpace(A,B) # get space frome A(x,y,z) to B(x,y,z)

SamGame version 0.1 Bug:

  • No big bug in this ver
  • The camera system only runs for one camera not more
  • GetZAngle run very good but I think he have a mistake

.blend files help

  • Arrow button to move player
  • Enter to change camera mode to 1 “hit to back”
  • 1,2 to change camera view “camera , top”

“”" This ver develop in blender 4.21 use sumo physics and run good in bullet and blender 2.42 just reversal Arrow button"""

Samran abed alsalam

some of us don’t know what a game library actually is. Hit us up with the details

samgame library is some modeler for helps you to make good and pro game in blender by easy way in python
Tack look for the link for see EX
thanks :slight_smile:

Hi samas, sadly the link for your download is broken. And yes i also tried RMB save target as…

post ubdate

update new version 0.2

Hello samas
I would like to enjoy but don’t know how/what
I’ve downloaded the 0.2 version, open it in Blender 2.42a
I’ve a red object that I can control with arrow keys, and…
What else?..
Can you explain a bit more about your project, please?

I’m confused too.
It seems a library to control the camera in several ways, which would be great, but…

I open the example .blend, move the red thing and nothing happens with the camera. Enter changes the camera ‘mode’ property, but still does nothing. 1 and 2 chagnes between 2 views. Space key (jump) sensor is not linked.

Tried with blender 2.42a and current CVS, with both sumo & bullet. With bullet, left/right keys turns the other way.
Errata at the end of the post: blender 4.21 doesn’t exist.

First you have to open .blend files by double click or copy files in blender direction
New you can import samgame by python

EX:for shortcut
1- the is normal script

import GameLogic as GL
cont = GL.getCurrentController
sensor = cont.getSensor(“name”)
object = GL.getCurrentScene().getObjectList()[“Obname”]

Ok new whit samgame

Import samgame as SG
sensor = SG.Sen(“name”)
object = SG.OB(“name”)

samgame camera is same blender camera but in samgame you have amore controls
you can mask camera run lick racing game or action game “rayman” or free

thesis it :slight_smile:

I was expecting an example of the camera use in the .blend, but the camera doesn’t move, and that’s why I didn’t look at the rest.

Those shortcuts are cool indeed.

This is a really nice thing you have done here.:slight_smile: Thank you for the tools.
For those of you who don’t understand the library is like any python library. If you wants something that is supported, you call on it and you don’t have to iron out all the details yourself. This is only useful for programmers.

Very useful set of tools. How hard would it be to implement a manual user camera control system over the camera system you already supplied?

Can’t you make some Logic Bricks that “link” to your library?
Thank you

looks good. i will try it in the morning.