Sammy's plight

Sammy’s plight.
Comments and critics are welcome as always.

Many aspects of this work were a new approach for me. I wanted to try something different, just for fun. Some SSS on the worms. Sculpt mode was used to do the faces. Tried UV mapping with half painted/ half real world texture of an organic object. Defocus node was also used for DOF.
I tried to tell a short story, but you have to imagine the full story.
I hope you like it.

Beautyfull, i especially like the rot around the edge of where he’s coming out of the apple

Love the render quality. Love that it tells a story. (Tho not sure what that might be… :slight_smile: ) Bump on the apples is a bit off… great work!

Superb. I love the visuals, looks more like painting than CG.
(Although the story is slightly confusing, it is intriguing)

Very nice, made me giggle.

Only crits are that the texture for all the apples is the same, and the fork seems to be bending a bit too much, at least compared to the forks I have at home.

Haha very funny, although the hole where the worm pokes through could be improved IMO.
Nice job :wink:

Wow that’s a really incredible render there!! I love the expressions on the worms’ faces!!

It is slightly confusing though - why is Sammy (the one getting/about to get stabbed by the fork?) crying?

Really cool! The apples look great, and worms are really awesome too!

Only tiny crit would be thata I think apples are slightly more shiny than that.


I am really happy to read all your comments and critics.
It is very nice that you’ve liked it. Thanks.
To leojS question: Sammy is intimidated, that’s why he is crying.
But he did not get hurt. And he won’t be.

Hehe, thanks for clearing that up GeeN!

Keep up the awesome work! Look forward to seeing some more great stuff from you…