Sample Blender files for covermount


I’m editing the cover CD of Komputer for alle (Scandinavias largest computer magazine - see for the Danish edition).

In our issue 4, I’m including Blender (2.37) on the CD, along with a page of editorial introducing the program. Of course I cannot comprehensively describe Blender in one page, but I can introduce the concept and give a sample of the images doable.

For this, I would like to include a bucketful of sample .blend files that our users can import and use for their own experimentation and starting efforts. Preferably licensed under some open license, like Creative Commons or Public Domain.

If any of you have some files they would like to share like this, please let me know.

Best wishes!

Henrik Ræder Clausen
CD-rom editor
Komputer for alle

First of all, wrong forum, thus I have moved it to News and Chat.

Second, there are multitudes of blend files, freely available, in this thread.


Thanks for correcting…

OK, I’ll dig into that a bit. Did come across a couple dead links in the first go, but I suppose things should not be all that easy :slight_smile:

Have fun!


There’s also the release testing suite, which includes some oldies, but goodies :slight_smile: