Sample of my 3D game in Blender 2.75a

In this video, I´m going to show you my first game in Blender (2.75a).
You can watch sample here:

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It´s 3D game and it have 20 levels, which every five levels are in different places.

In game are these 4 places:


I really hope you will like it!

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Hello there, you are doing some cool work here. The little ring you collect reminded me of sonic, in fact, it wouldnt be a bad idea to create a sonic like mascot you could use to run around the level puzzles, instead of the vehicles you went for. It would be a lot more charming, in my opinion. You could use the same aesthetics to populate the world, with little animals and clouds and things like that. Anyway, keep working and experimenting!

Thanks a lot!