Sampled Motion Blur - airplane propeller

Hi all, i am a noobie in Blender and im really searching the internet for answer my question, but maybe i dont even know what to search so maybe you can help me guys.

I have an airplane and i managed already the spinning propeller in front of the airplane. Then i have a camera moving around the airplane which is fallowing the path (circle around the airplane). Mine next step is to add motion blur on the propeller so it looks like its spinning very fast while the camera traveling around the airplane. And here i got stuck, if i use Sampled Motion Blur in the Render tab, it adds blur to the whole scene with all objects -> so the airplane got blured too while the camera moves around. My question is: How can i add the blur effect on the propeller only (and not other object) possibly with Sapled Motion Blur, but i dont care if are there some othere approaches. Something like i see here: -> propeller is blured but the airplane not.

Hope i can move on from this stuck point. plz help…
this is how it should be (without camera rotating):

this is what i got after i rotate the camera aroudn the airplane:

A couple of thoughts to do this…

You could separate out the airplane to one render layer, propeller onto another render layer and enable a vector pass on this layer. Then combine the two render layers in the compositor adding in vector blur on the propeller. This would render alot quicker as it wouldn’t require rendering of ‘sub frames’ for the blur effect.

You could model a mesh that looks like a blurred propeller with semi transparent materials. Judging from your 1st render, I wouldn’t think this to be a hard job. Just duplicate 1/2 of the prop, rotate it around the prop’s center, and repeat till you have say 5 or 8 of these. Then select the whole mesh and remove double verts. Yeah you’ll get bad topology at the center, but you got a cone to cover that.

I was going to suggest render plane without blur and render prop with sampled motion blur and combine the two, but this won’t work. Problem with this method is while the prop’s rotation get’s blurred, so does it’s location. It won’t work, I tried it once and ended up using vector blur. Single frame vector blurs don’t look as good as sampled motion blur, but once combined at 24 fps you won’t notice.