Sampling from texture with geometry node gives incorrect value

I’m trying to create a geometry node network that will let me use an OpenEXR texture to displace the vertices of a plane. I’m finding the network I’ve created so far seems to be applying some sort of gamma function to the values from my sampled texture which is giving me incorrect results.

The texture I’m using for a test has 3 colors - grey (.5, .5, .5), white (1, 1, 1) and black(0, 0, 0). I would expect the grey value to cause a displacement exactly half way between the black and while and to also rest on the world origin, but it is well below that.

I presume some sort of color correction is going on here. How do I tell blender to treat this texture as data?

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I think the problem lies with the texture itself. After creating the texture, you have the option of selecting the color space:

If you select something other than “raw”, I guess blender performs some corrections when drawing on the texture in the editor, such that the raw values are not the same as the displayed ones.