Sampling Glassware, with a Handgun

I cooked this up last night. I used particle systems and an ‘explode’ modifier to manage the shattering. Rendered in blender internal. I payed a lot of attention to lighting, because I wanted the glass to really pop, so that it looked satisfying when it exploded. :smiley:

Because who doesn’t like shooting wine glasses with bullets?


Are you doing a video with that?

I’d probably make a couple of small changes to make it more real, but I am wondering about getting the physics part to pass for real. I would think the stem is thick enough to stay together while the top breaks. But I think the thing that gives it away is that none of the glass is moving the way of the bullet, I’m sure that some of the debris would get direction from the impact of the bullet.

The bullet won’t necessarily have a visible trail, and it will explode in a more discus shape.

Here is an example of what I mean:

The direction of the shattering wouldn’t be that hard to change. I can just tweak the particle system governing the explode modifier. I put the trail on the bullet not because I thought it was realistic, but because I thought it helped the image read a bit better. I might make it a bit more subtle though.

So realism wasn’t my first priority. Criticism appreciated though. Thanks for the feedback!

more glasses and more shattering! Line em up! and use a 50 cal round!

Oh, sorry, didn’t realize you weren’t going for realism, most people do on here so that’s why I assumed. May I ask what you are going for?

@rvngizswt: I was aiming for a satisfying and easily understood image. :slight_smile:

If you don’t find it satisfying, then that’s fine, because I found plenty of satisfaction in making it. :stuck_out_tongue: