Made in blender, some post pro, including the hair, in photoshop

I like the Bible themes :slight_smile:

i would loved to see the skin bit more grainy if you know what i mean… would add lot to realism…

I really like the cloth stuff in this scene… the pantys… and the drapes…

Nicely done, He-blend. I really like the way you’ve done the central character. The first thot that struck me tho was “he’s too thin”. Then I realized that he needs bigger lats. Looking more closely, I can see a bit of what Eradicor is talking about - its like he doesn’t blend well into the background… its not aliasing issues, more like a tad too bright. Also, you can see the seams in the textur maps on the torso, particularly where the stomach muscles meet the chest and where the pectorals meet the arms. And the loin cloth (“pantys” - haha :slight_smile: ) ride a little low on the hips I think. A pity the camera angle can’t be more dramatic (like lower, looking up at Samson), too.

Still, amazing scene. Great motion blur and one of the most dramatic moments in Biblical history captured very well! Good job!

his nipples are uneven . I like it, but he seems really skinny for the strongest man on earth.

great ! , get more care with the columns and the crack in them …

Good Luck :slight_smile:

Nice picture, but his hair was grown back when he did his suicide attack.

good job…udjust the contrast a little because his hair is REALLY hard to see…(it is there)

Everything looks really nice to me except for the pillars, the textures could use some help. The glare on them is also a bit distracting.

I guess that the textures could be improved

the upper chest muscles seems to be rounded considering the fact when you stretch the arm sideways the chest near the deltoid muscle will follow.

Very nice and impressive! I like it!

I love this. As a Christian I approve of your Biblical themed render!

Forwarding to a friend!

It’s very well modeled and I really like your lighting. The only crits I have are those that have already been said, mainly he’s too thin and the pillars aren’t realistic enough.

Edit: I’ve just noticed the how well you’ve conveyed the motion in this piece. The falling bricks, the moving drapes, the cracking pillars, it’s great! It actually looks like a frame out of an animation. Which is quite hard to achieve. So well done again!

One of the best ones I come across so far. Keep it up!


Phillistines score 1, Samson/Israel score + a few hundred. :evilgrin:

The lighting seems a bit too bright and sunshiny…kinda conveys a happy feeling. I think the Philistines brought Samson in a little later in the day when they had already been making merry for a while and I’m assuming the sun had started to set. Some yellow-orange torchlight might help to set the mood a little more and increase the sense of imminent destruction.

The samson looks weird take that thing offa his eyes and its good. xD like just have his eyes closed err smmm.