Here is something that I did for fun. Cycles 200 passes

Looking good, it need some improvement on the textures in my oppinion.

awesome, i like very much, he looks like an exotic tazan dancer, too young to be samson though.

leonnn - bat3a - thank you.

I have made some changes to the hair, added some displacement to the floor, Samson, and cracks to the pillars. There is still stretching in the loin cloth texture that I will need to fix.

The texturing itself looks decent, but I think you made a hair a bit too shiny, it currently looks like there’s a damp cloth over his head.

Perhaps you could also make some uneven surfaces and cracks in the pillars to make it look more in the way of him breaking them.

Samson was beaten and had his hair cut off. I think you should add wounds to his body and probably cut his hair short.

Ace Dragon - I will work on that

therealnoz - Samson had his hair cut off and his eyes put out then taken to Gaza where he was made to work the mill in the prison house. During this time his hair grew back and he was later taken to the house to be made fun of where he pulled down the pillars holding up the house killing everybody including himself.

I probably will add scars and some kind of cloth covering his eyes.

good effort but I think there is a fundamental flaw… there doesn’t seem to be any effort or strain to his pose. He’s obviously pushing with all his might but doesn’t seem to be exerting any effort.

You should take a quick google search for images of people pushing or straining. All the textures or render settings in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t get this right first.

good luck:)