My new project is about futuristic version of Samson.

Looks promising. Can we see without the wireframe? i.e. “solid” view?

And who is this Samson? Can you provide us with more information?

here is a solid view

The body and face is inspired from the actor Dwayne Johnson.
No sketch or blueprint, the modeling process is executed directly from scratch with facebook photos.

Next step is the armor

I show you the sketch concept later

starting the armor

top of the armor wip

Tragic hero from the Book of Judges in the Old Testament. Known for superhuman strength granted by God to save Israel, and for the ego that proved his undoing.

And for his hair. His strength was dependent on his keeping a lifelong Nazarite vow, which meant he couldn’t drink wine or cut his hair, ever.

So…looking forward to the hair sim, now :wink:

I have been looking for a really good muscular male torso tutorial for my next project. any referrals?

Thanks Daniel, this is the exact charavter line I use for this model.
The hair is for the end.

humm I don’t use any reference for muscle… just facebook photo of Dwayne Johnson.

After many drawing behind the church this afternoon, I finally find the concept for the armor. Here is a sketch …

exosquelette mesh face

exosquelette mesh back

I had a feeling that it was THAT Samson. But the Exoskelton Idea looks great.

Since it is a futuristic version of Samson, perhaps instead of Human Style hair, a mesh of cables or some such that connects to his armor?
Nice work so far.

exo front

exo back

donkey mesh

nice idea Sonnysee…

but there’s different time in the Samson’s life.
The focus is more on the first part of the story before he met Delilah…

thanks XeroShadow

the exoskelton is not human or god… it’s just an animal :eyebrowlift2: