Samsung Galaxy Nexus (rendered with cycles)

Hello everybody, I would like to show you my latest work in progress, its the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung. Their isn’t much to show right now, but hopefully it will come together rather quickly in the next couple days. Feel free to C&C, thanks.


Also, here is a reference image of the phone for those who my not know what it is I’m modeling.


Great start - however it seems as though the profile view of your reference image and the profile view of your model don’t match up.

Quick update

The side profile should be much better now. BTW, the side of the phone will be a little thicker, because I have an extended battery in my phone.


looks good with the back cover on there now, once that back cover has been fully modelled it will look great

Quick Update

Almost done modeling, next texturing and rendering.


Nice modeling there mate! Can we see some wires?
Looking forward to the render.

Hey DDD, sure I’ll post the wires, but they’re a little hard to make out though. Also, here’s the first test render in cycles.


Sorry about that DDD, I should have took the extra time to render a proper wire frame, my bad.


There you go, thanks, it even looks more professional like this :wink:
I can see a couple of places where topology can be improved but it doesnt look like it really has to be.

Your welcome DDD. I still need to model the micro USB port, and clean up the topology around the speaker, and headphone jack. But for the moment, I’m taking a break from modeling and playing with some renders (I love cycles).


First full test render. What do you guys think can be improved?

Also, a little info, rendered in cycles and has about 250,000 polys.


Looks very very nice! But the glow on the screen is also above the speaker. I don’t think it would be reflective.
Just a question, how have you managed to get that glow on the screen?

The image in the screen of the phone is much better than the reference one, have you created it or are you using another image reference for the screen?
Looks impressive.

Quick update

Hey Apptux, good catch about the screen, I need to model out the area around the speaker. About “glow” it’s really just a reflection from a emitter plan I’m using to light the scene. I’ll post a screen shot of my lighting setup for you.

Hey Bao2, the image I’m using on the screen is actually a screen shot I took off my nexus’s home screen (Yep android now lets you take screen shots). I’ll post the texture for you.

Also, here’s a quick turntable animation I did.


Thanks for posting the image, saved just in case some day I want to also model a phone.

What was the rendertime and how many frames? Great animation, looks very profesional.

Whoa, great job, it looks fantastic. Your render could be easily used in an ad

looks amazing mate

Thanks guys for all the kind commits!

Bao2, the animation has 600 frames in it, and took about 24 hours to render.

looks pretty good man