Samsung Galaxy Note 2

I started modelling this about an hour ago and I have this so far. It’s the galaxy n7100. I own one of them so it makes it easier to model. I have the cameras and sensors to do, Also the back needs to be done and I am going to be putting this into a scene with some speakers and such to enhance the look and feel. Blender is an amazing tool for rapid prototyping.

it’s very good
but i think glossy is very high…

I have yet to get the reflections just right. Oh, and the haptic feedback lighting also needs work.

that second render the home and back buttons are too blurred they should be just illuminated, with perhaps a soft glow. nice model though. it is great what you can achieve in just an hour!

i like your blender theme too :slight_smile:

Ditto on the blurry buttons, now add a cracked screen and I might mistake it for mine. :wink:

Here’s another update