Samsung's new Neon project is finally unveiled: It's a humanoid AI chatbot

So, some discussion has arisen about animators losing their jobs to AI etc,…I think that day has now come! :

I’m dying to know what yall are going to Do about this!

Mh … stunning mimics.

If it makes communication between user and service provider faster, more efficient than the present automation or humans in place… good. Otherwise, more shit stirring for more cash. MHO.

nothing… people thought that motion capture was going to get rid of animators, it didn’t. there is always going to be a market for custom hand animated characters. even though mocap exists, high end animated films don’t use it, they want to make something cartoony rather then realistic. even if these AI can be trained to move in a cartoon way, you still run into an issue. directors will always want to have exact control over how an animation looks, at that point you need animators to do the work. Its difficult to tweak AI behavior, you enter your inputs and hope for the best, it might get you 80% there but to get that last 20% you need artists.