Samuel L Jackson... AS A MOUSE!

It’s a mouse with a gun, who will act like samuel l jackson. See the rest of the work in progress here,


HAha, that’s a nice and funny model.

Now make John Travolta and re-make Pulp Fiction.

Cool and funny! I like it

Now, if you could make him holding a harpoon gun and have a giant snake chasing him…

That, is AWESOME!

Wanted Bob

snakes on a plane…with a mouse…
that would be interesting.

Not to put too fine a point on this, but… You’re making a mouse act like Samuel L. Jackson, and you make the mouse white?

Hahah I actually have no idea what this mouse is for, but it would be pretty cool if I made him fight snakes off. Right now he’s gonna be killing bugs… but a short animation with snakes… on a plane… hmm