Samurai Girl Alberto Camara's concept


(Bruno Marzochi Lopes) #1

Hello guys!
This is my last model I made based on Alberto Camara’s concept.
In this project the focus was to improve my skills in the Look Dev, hair system and Cycles rendering in the Blender.
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Hope you like it!! :smiley:


Final Image:

Render test:


View port:

(Safetyman) #2

Outstanding work!

(Bruno Marzochi Lopes) #3

Thank you!! :smiley:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #4

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

(Bruno Marzochi Lopes) #5

Thank you very much!! i’m so happy!! :smiley:

(anas) #6

this is really awesome!!!

(Bruno Marzochi Lopes) #7

Thank you man!! :smiley:

(Itza) #8

Super nice!


Great work! :+1:

(Bruno Marzochi Lopes) #10

Thank youu!!! :smiley:

(Bruno Marzochi Lopes) #11

Thanks man!! :smiley:

(Jason van Gumster) #12

Annnnnd… you’re #featured!

(Bruno Marzochi Lopes) #13

Wooww!!! thank you so much!!! :smiley:

(özgür) #14

Great work, congrats.

(Bruno Marzochi Lopes) #15

Thank you man!! :smiley:

(Nhut Nguyen) #16

Wow!! Really nice! I love it :hushed:

(rombout) #17

Nice figure and nice pose. Each time i look at it i think she will fall forward or so?

Interesting backside though :wink:


The image isn’t cropped well in the featured bar

(Bart Veldhuizen) #19

I added a better crop to the post. @Bruno_Marzochi_Lopes feel free to update it - see the ‘Thumbnail’ section in your post.

(Bruno Marzochi Lopes) #20

Thank you man!! :smiley: