Samurai Guy(updated-4)

Here’s where I’m at with my WC entry. I test UV mapped him, and he looked pretty good, but I thought I’d let you use your imagination until I’m finished. :slight_smile:

Oh, alright, if you’re going to twist my arm…

looks pretty sweet man dont really have anything to crit on sooooo good job and keep at it.

It looks pretty good man, not really enough done to critique yet, but the modelling looks quite skilled so far 8)

I think I’m just about done with the head except for the ears.

Looks a bit like Mr. Smith except for the hair :slight_smile:

Who’s Mr. Smith? I was thinking it looked a little like Elvis. :smiley:

First of all, this looks very promosing so far! The mesh looks very clean aswell. What is this going to be for? Game/modification? or a rendered-animation?

His face reminds me more of Tommy Vercetti from the game “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.”

‘Mr. Smith’? I think he was refering to Agent Smith, from “The Matrix.” And yeah, there’s a slight resemblance with Agent Smith aswell, now that he’d mentioned it :smiley:

Ahhhh…now I remember. Yeah I guess it does at that. It’s not for anything, really, just the Weekend contest, but he is fairly low poly so I will probably animate him when done. Thanks all for the comments.

Great head, Mmmh doesn’t show up as a really low-poly char. When disney was making ‘Bugs Life’ I saw one of the chars, but if you’re char is low poly, then Bugs Life is amazing low-poly. I really want to see him animated, but first finish the body :stuck_out_tongue: So keep blending. 8)

I hope I finish before I pass out.

Make his face a bit flatter, to make him look more Japanese.

Actually I did a version like your suggestion at one point, but I accidentally reverted to the original somewhere along the line. so, somewhere in my upwards of 20 saves there is such a version. :wink: BTW he’s in ‘Finished Products’ now.