Samurai Sword Collection

Well, I’ve probably put in about 12 hours on this so its nowhere near done but I’m at the point where I’d like some input…in particular the blades…I’m not getting the metal to reflect right. and yes I notice the aliased shadow by the fireplace just dont know quite how to fix that. :smiley: any and all suggestions would be welcome.

the modeling is good but something is just too plasticy with it! The metals aren’t right they are to emissive or something! I like the modeling though!

What about using a raymir on those metals, that’d make them look more polished.

Thats the problem…I am! I’ve been tweaking those settings for hours and I’m still not getting the right reflections. The hilt guards on the bottom 2 swords are the same material and yet look drastically different…I’m not sure why. I converted the blades from a curve (with a different cross-section), so that might be causing the problem…I dont know why. I might try remodelling the blade from one of the other’s hilt guards to see if that is indeed the case. This render has a different lighting scheme then I intend so everything’s a little more visible…once I lower the lights then things will look a little more realistic…but I want that shine on the blades! :smiley:

I might change the display to make it more in keeping with the samurai concept…it was just a quick environment to put my models in but it can definately be used for other things…recycling is good for the environment, as well as good for my hands. Nintendo Thumb was nothing compared to Blender Carpal Tunnel…

Try simply moving the lights so that they’re more reflected in the blade. If you’re using a greyish material with ray-traced reflections, set to not quite the top, and a bit of fresnel as well, it should look just fine. Post your material settings and I’ll give 'em a look. I think i’ve managed to get the metal effect down fairly well.

How about rendering it with ambient occlusion? I’ve noticed that tends to make things look more realistic. :slight_smile: Also I think steel has a blueish speculiarity color. Try setting speculiarity, hardness and reflection values all quite high. Some texture might also help, like Voronoi set to normals? Dunno, I’m by no means an expert but I’ve done something like this in my metallish models… :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s nothing in the scene for the metal to reflect. The stuff that is there doesn’t match the detail in the Katanas, which is sad.

The lighting isn’t very good which destroys any contrast in the scene, thus we lose any chance of nice reflections as well.

The models are great but you need s really nice 3 point lighting setup and a better scene, things would be much better that way.

I’d like to see more, keep it up.

The diffuse reflection (ref slider) on the blades is too high. That’s why they look so dull and gray. Turn ref down and it should look better. And since your environment isn’t complex enough to provide complex raytraced reflections you could try to load an appropriate photo as environment map for interesting reflections.

One thing about the sword’s shape: In your image it looks like the blade is bend downwards near the handle while the rest of the blade is bend upwards. Katana don’t look like that. They are curved in one direction only.

woohoo…great suggestions everyone…its looking a LOT better.

the materials suggestions went a LONG way…thanks guys
Usagi…the reflection was exactly the problem…once I pulled down the settings it shone right out. I changed the curve of the blades so it would look better, too.
Dittohead…I’m working on the lighting especially since I changed the scenery…really helps out the materials on everything. I had used that setting as a default just to get things set up first…it wasnt aimed at being too detailed but I’m adding things to the intended scenery just so you’re happy :smiley:
ZeroOne…I wasnt thinking about AO just yet but now that the scenes lighted differently I thought it would be a good suggestion…its added a lot to this …thanks for the idea.

Everyone’s been giving really good suggestions…my girlfriend was rather impressed too…although I’m neglecting her at the moment and should probably go kiss her for being so understanding :smiley: Thanks guys and more suggestions would be very welcome…

Wow, now it’s starting to look like something! :smiley: Now just add some details. Some tatami on the floor, a scabbard leaning on the wall, some Japanese painting/symbols on the wall, a lantern in the corner, a samurai or his shadow or reflection, …

I’m of the same mind here…tatami were planned …I’ve already got the wall painting…and i did the wall lamps but i lost the file before I could save it. :frowning: have to redo that part.

Hey! nice progress. I would suggest to reduce the mirror on the floor. Dojo’s floors are usually matt from intense use/training. :wink: And for the ambient maybe some japanese caracters would go nice on the wall or something

Blender does automatic saves every 10 minutes or something, they go to c: mp\ directory (or some /tmp -place under Linux) with the format ####.blend, where #### is some random number… Try to look for those.

Try reducing the reflection of the swords slightly and change the color to a dark grey/blue one. Are you using autosmooth?

You should turn the swords so the blade is facing upwards. Heh… those things are so damn sharp that if you were to place them like that in real life, they would cut straight through (well, maybe not). But anyways, most swords are stored so that their blade faces upwards. Other than that, its looking great.