samurai sword slice through obect

hey guys

was putting together an animation and one of the shots is a samurai cutting an enemy from shoulder to hip and then he falls apart
been looking for youtube for ages and cannot find anyway I can use this technique for an animation

anyone got any tips please?

maybe the fracture modifier add on?

Boolean.blend (444 KB)

The first modifier I’m thinking of is the Boolean modifier. As shown above. I’m not very experienced with it, so it’s just experimentation for me too.


thanks for the reply. yeah i want to cut through another 3d model from shoulder to hip and trying to figure out ways to do it. i am sure there is numerous ways on achieving this :slight_smile:

Personally, I would have the “victim” as two separate meshes. That way you would be able to texture the innards.

Ahh ok sounds good. So maybe use Boolean to spilt them then using constraints/parenting fix them together until the time to slice?

You should be able to skin both halves to the armiture to animate.

Thanks again. I might also experiment with the fracture modifier add on as that can achieve some cool results with different settings.