Hello everyone,
I’d like to share my finished project with you as my first posting on this forum. The whole process was done in blender except the detailing on the head was done in zbrush. The textures itself was done in blender and krita.
Finally, i really wanted to have feedback from you guys so my next project would be much more better. Thank you


Amazing work !

That’s amazing! Congrats

That’s really great work. The armor looks superb, almost photorealistic and the skin is great, too, but in combination with the armor I think the skin’s still lacking something. I don’t know what exactly but as of now, it’s like two different art styles in one piece.

Yes you’re right. I am quite happy with the result but i still can’t deliver it as a piece of artwork. Thanks for pointing out something that i might have been missed

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Thanks man

Thank you very much

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Outstanding Work!

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Wow, thank you bart