Practising composite in blender,character concept from internet.hope like it!


Really nice! Love the lighting, and overall scene. 5/5 from me :wink:

Very nice, indeed. I’d love to see the character concept, as well as maybe some infos on the texturing of the treestump.

it’s a composite, the background is an image :wink:

i love the way you got the backlighting to look good :slight_smile: one comment on your model though… it looks a bit too clean… especially the clothes and the sword

but apart from that its a great image :slight_smile: nice work!

Very very nice! Awesome design, modeling and rendering. Yeah.

Very nice model and compositing, the model would look even better with a little skin/scale texturing and some bump mapping on the cloth materials.

Look really good. Everything looks very detailed. One thing to fix imo, is burned out sky - that white blob doesn’t look to good imo.

love it , deserve stars

I was assuming that it’s also a render of his, at least the stump.

Very well done, I can’t critique it all! You are very creative and deserve recognition for this, it’s simple, it resonates and it is clean. 5*

super cool, the little dude would make such a cute animation character he is very well designed(credit to whoever originally draw him) and you modeled him well.

great use of bump map!

Very Good! Love it. Though I would add some skin bump. And is it Geico? :wink:

Coen: thank you sir!

Sachiel :by the way sir it’s only image background that i used at the back! thanks for dropping by.

Biglines: yes sir you are right! your good sir! thanks.

natholas: thanks sir i just work on that next tym.thank you

Loolarge: thanks so much sir!

seanser: i will sir! thank you!

JoseConseco: yes sir! thanks

GE-FORCE : thank you for the star!

Sachiel: yes sir! thank you

Keith M: Thank you so much sir!

tyrant monkey: yes sir thank you to the original character designer. thank you sir!

ionee: thank you sir!

koolean88: thanks sir!

Sachiel :by the way sir it’s only image background that i used at the back! thanks for dropping by.

Yes you can definitely tell that the foreground is CG…very good I must say.

the lizard is cg, the ground/trunk are image right?