San Francisco Bay Area, USA : Blender Open Source Launch

(robot_mnky) #1


Thought I would host a shindig to celebrate the amazing thing that has happened.

details are here

It’s a big space with lots of room, but only a couple of spare computers(lots of open ports. so, bring yours), DSL<–>Inet


(blendarzan) #2

How many are planning on attending?


(Jake) #3

I hope to be there - anyone else?


(robot_mnky) #4

So, far 3 people have emailed me ‘they wanna come’ and 1 saying maybe(they would be comming from Missouri, far away).

I’m curious as to how many will be comming as well :slight_smile: I think it will be around 10-15, unless alot of people are not RSVPing. The space could handle 40 or more without being crowded.

I’m would like to setup a webcam(which I have) and IRC chat with the main conference. But, I’ve never done either so I’m sort of stalling, waiting for someone to volunteer to help me.

We just got a 40x burner so one thing I thought of is that we could burn a CD of the sources / samples / tutorials / textures / whatever else we can find for everyone to take home.


(tonyfarley) #5

Great idea! --to creat a cd. I’ll be going! I may bring a friend also.
–Tony Farley

(bg3D) #6

God D*MMIT! I was in SF today, watching the Blue Angels…
I thought the meeting was tommorrow! Baaaaaaah!
I could have goooooone! You people better not be havin fun…
:x :wink: