San Junipero - Kelly

Hey there!

Here is my last project inspired of The San Junipero episode of Black Mirror series, starring kelly in Tucker’s bar.

I made it to continue to improve my character design skill and a little for environment too :wink: I made all the props and the character in 3 weeks [personal deadline] So hope you like it and don’t hesitate to ask me :wink:


Amazing work, I can see a lot of time and effort has gone into this :smile:

looks good. Just trying to figure out if this is a crossdresser or what? The adams apple is really big and the neck is really long. could use some work on the skin shader. otherwise looks good.

Yep you right. I got a little lost in this project, because I wanted to make a mix of realistic and stylized [and a little cartoon] but in with the feedback of some communities, I lost my artistic direction , and I made a bad blocking at the beginning too :woozy_face:.

It will be an experience and be careful for another character project :+1:

It was supposed to be stylized, but it’s not. It was supposed to be a bit realistic too, but it’s not. In short a little lost on this project :sob: :sweat_smile: