San Pedro Project Luxcore 2.1

I think luxcore is currently equally fast if not faster if you look at non-denoised rendering and don’t use things like simplify AO in cycles or other “speedup” tricks. But then again why wouldn’t you use them…?
I’m really hyped for secondary gi caching in luxcore and pray that it gets better at denoising or have optix denoiser implemented.

Hey I wonder, how much faster would the rendering be without the curtains?
Did it influence rendering too much?
For example in my latest work I’ve made curtains not casting shadows using cycles, but I know luxcore currently doesn’t allow that.

Nice to have a look ‘behind the curtain’

I really like the bed sheets and the bedcover - did you sculpt that yourself or used an external model ?

Jarek D(DJ)

Wow, that’s really nice work!

Not only do the lighting and the materials look realistic it gives a proper feeling of scale unlike many of the cycles architecture renderings. Usually they give the impression of tiny small scale models for me and I can’t even pinpoint the exact reason.

It still render at almost the same speed, really didn’t feel a noticeable performance drawback.
The shader of the curtain is a matte transluscent with a texture plugged into opacity.

this time i didn’t model the Bed myself (pay it sometime ago) due to critical customer short delay .

About simplify AO in cycles or other “speedup” tricks i always try to avoid them because when they are not moderately use they tend to kill realism a bit more.
If you have the goal to mimic real photographic look , tricks become hard to play with ( i’m a fan of bertrand benoit old work and Alex Roman wish one day i could reach them).

but the drawback of realism can easily be long rendertime. But about this point i think luxcore indirect Gi caching will help a lot ( really hope it will be an online learning GI caching method working on GPU because it is faster even it is by far more complicated to implement than offline learning GI caching wich is a bit easy to port to GPU arch).

For all theses reason i think Luxcore need support for anyone so we can make it happen sooner than later. any kind of support is welcome !

Very good renders! You can definitely create amazing stuff with LuxCoreRender. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking to switching from cycles to luxcore but i just wonder how big is the community and how many developers are working with lux at the moment? I would like to invest my time in Luxcore but im not sure how well it will be developed in the future if it has only very small team working and what happens if the main people leave the project?