Sanctuary Rising

And this doodle is going to the gallery…
Stunning work! I don’t want to look for anything to critique. Gets my stars for sure.
I love all the detail you put into this, and all the renders to show it off.

Amazing! you’ve got some serious skills dude! :wink:

wow just amazing

Just amazing and inspiring. Love all the detail, from the water all the way up. WOW!

Great ! Love to see this
All elements work together nicely, Did you use Black body for the sun ? and water is looks very cool :slight_smile:

This is astonishing. Congratulations!

I’m amazed. Quite a display of quality.

Hey nice artwork! I’m doing something similar to that. I’m inspired to tweak it more!

Thats what BA satnds for , for a pieces of art like this.

That’s very impressive, really, I couldn’t something like that especially in Blender (one more thing I’ve got to try), I don’t want to bash you, you’re clearely at a much higher level than me, but the lighting in some pictures is quite weak. Your key lights are good (at least in intensity) but your fills and your “secondary” key lights… With that kind of texture, those images could be juste F__ AWSOME with a better light. Try to intesify or simply fill lights ( in an appropriate incidence, I’ll let that to you), with maybe a yellow tone for somes (it marries verry well with green), and maybe a flare in the image where the sun goes straight to the lense… it’s not an obligation at all in fact, it’s a question of choice.

WOW awesome!

Sorry mate, I didn’t want to reply to you… :frowning:

It is awesome. Very great work. Love it.

Wow. That is just Amazing. Can’t recall seeing as good nature made with Blender in ages.

Woah. renders looks so awesome

Amazing :slight_smile: Great work! :slight_smile:

Amazing work. How long did it take you to render the 1000 samples? Also what were your settings to reduce noise? Did you go into the compositor afterwards to do that or did you disable caustics?

Absolutely beautiful! Lighting, details, diversity, simply excellent.

Wow i love it.Its quite beautiful and atmospheric. For some reason it reminds me of Myst / Riven.

Indeed, good job ;).