Sanctuary (updated)

Made with blander and rendered with yafray. Hope you like it.


Very well modelled, but I think some of your materials could use a bit more zing, some ray mirror perhaps on your guitar and music stand. Nice overall

I ussually refrain from critiquing sombody else’s work (I have way too much to learm myself) but I think that could be example of nice concept, great models and textures mercellesly killed with poor lights! Do something about the light and come back!

Looking good mate… Nice Textures. :wink:

hehe JImi Hendrix on the wall… :yes:

you. worked hard on models, and textures, but, as it was mentioned before, you killed them with bad lightning, and bad composition. try to move objects, and camera to find nice composition with some hierarchy, dominant and so on… scenes like this often look good if rendered with GI renderers. I recommend you Kerkythea or Yafray.

Scene composition is definitely one of my weaker points. I have an idea that looks great in my head but when i make it its doesn’t look so hot.

I’m going to keep all these models and hopefully use some in a better scene in the future.

Very well done, but I feel it is much too busy in my opinion. Perhaps just having a simpler wallpaper would improve it.


This can be good scene also. You’re very close to very good picture. just make one of objects more important and work on lightning. I think that tweaking this scene will give you some experience and next project will be next step forward (not only a next try).

I woulda added a blue background and not a grey=)
Otherwise theres not many crits… maybe the shadow needs to be a bit less difuse by the note rack.

I updated the lighting a little, tell me how you feel about it.

The lighting’s more realistic, but somehow is a bit depressing. Maybe raise the lights. Midday sun would look better I think. It would also be better with something outside the window. Possibly some ferns? And also the guitar looks a bit like a cartoon. Is that the look you’re going for? Great job if you are!

But apart from all that, you have really nice models and generally a very good piece!

composition is much better now. It’s little bit depressive, but, well, why not?
I think that wall texture has to high refraction value…
I suggest you to setup light to lighten guitar more, but with making sourrounding darker. it would underline guitar, as main point of composition.
little detail - paper sheets are perfect flat. make them curved little bit, and modelling will be great.
guitar could be little bit more polished (glossy) but it’s a matter of taste, I guess.

hay maaan no real photographs

I updated it, thanks for the critics everyone.