Sanctuary WIP

I’ve started to work on a new challenge. I have in my head a picture of a chamber in a cave, rough. In the centre there is a let say a magic artefact. After 2 days of sculpting and playing with the composition, I got to this stage. It is in 90% sculpted. I want to work a bit more on every element (and I want to dress up my characters :slight_smile: for now, they are just raw models from MBLab). At the moment I would mostly like your opinion on the composition.

Now I use EEVEE but finally, I want to use Cycles or Octane.

No 3rd models or materials/textures.


Really fun style and concept! I really like the contrast of the moonlight (or dawn/dusk ambience) and the firelight. Nice sculpts!

For composition, I think drawing the eye even more toward the fire (brightening its strength) while also adding a fire-colored backlight to the man and boy would help bring them out from the background.

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Thank you very much.

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I’ve worked on the 2 back statues, most are sculpted, just some small details. I wanted to check how much do I need to go with details.

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a closer view to the guradians. I will leave them for a while and now move to another part and review later.

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To me, “hue and (especially …) contrast,” in the background of the first images, is what especially now needs work.

“H&C” in the subsequent images is far more distinct … notwithstanding the fact that the background here is black. (Actually, the blue-knights and the obelisks here still appear to have this problem.)

The red-lit character in the center of the bottom image – especially above his/her/its waist – has the sharp-contrast and the very-directional lighting that I think would benefit the entire scene, throughout. (Try to establish a consistent “top-to-bottom contrast treatment.” Visual continuity.)

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Wow. that’s good feedback. Thank you.

Today’s progress. The last thing that needs modelling are characters clothes. Also, I made a test with Octane but it was very unstable so I will use Cycles (attached) for the final render. Any models you think needs more modelling attention? Lights waiting for a proper review.


Finally, I have characters dressed up. This time I went with cloth simulation (in samurai challenge I sculpted it) a just bit adjustment with sculpting. Do you have any tricks to make hood stay on the head or pants not to fall down? Using pinning group wouldn’t allow geometry to deform and that become a big problem when I use saw option.
I think I can start now thinking about materials and lights.
Critic welcome

Screen from the camera view

Looking really beautiful!

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Thank you very much

I’ve started the materials. The lights start to evolve as well. Advice for everyone who is reading this. Area light has to be big otherwise it can screw you lot of things including rendering on CPU+GPU. First I want to do all the background materials. I don’t want to unwrap them so I will use box projection. That creates few problems with a scale between objects even if it looks like this same material I have to do a separate version with different mapping node. you can see the back wall is fine but the cliffs on the side are very stretched. I am experimenting with rim light on menhirs. They look cool but I am not convinced does it work with the whole style. If I will have enough memory I will use adaptive subdiv and microdisplacement on few elements.

Following some feedback, I’ve done a few layout changes. There are also suggestion to do some heavy postproduction or change the lights setup. I am not sure if I am ready for so drastic changes.

link to final: Magic sourcebook