Sand Dunes

OK, enough pouring over turorials and oogling over other people’s work. Time to make something. My first real something is a sand dune landscape. Not after realism so much as aesthetic quality. The image below is my general idea.

Larger Version Here

Things I’d like to do with this:

  • add some plant life…especially in the foreground.
  • improve the foreground banding of the sand…the pattern is different in real life.
  • improving the composition…perhaps going “widescreen” with the image size.

Anything else I’m missing? How’s the lighting? All comments welcome!

it looks like the sun is on the Other side of the hill, so the lighting should not be so direct-looking. also should be coloured a bit, since light on this side of the hill would be reflected from the clouds. maybe add a hint of orange/yellow/pink to the light. i wouldn’t change the sand patterns much. sometimes it comes out very regular looking. well, maybe give them a bit of a wave or kink. but not much.

but it looks pretty good already

My biggest challenge with the lighting is showing enough detail in the dunes even though they are going into silhouette. It’ll be fun, though, as I really like the view of dunes like this during sunet.

Often times the wave patterns in the sand will divide, not unlike a large number of long tuning forks lying on the ground.

It’s not all that bad at all … but my main crit i sthat the dune is a bit too pointy… maybe you should make that top a bout less sharp…

I think it needs one more level of subsurf to smooth the further dune out more.

And if the tip of the dune was that pointy, one side would have to be a little more steep, and one less steep… I think.

But it does look good, please continue. :wink:

I think that the lighting fits correctly in the scene. As for the ripples on the sand, more variation could be achieved with some hand painted displacement map (I guess that patterned maps won’t fit in this scene).

As about dunes, there’s noting wrong about having a pointed crest, but it’s wronger to have a dune like a peak. Also, one slope is frequently steeper than the other.

I like this one, I hope to see more and perhaps a larger render :slight_smile:

Looks promising… I agree with the lighting comments and the steepness of the dune comment. (Try visiting a sandbox somewhere and making a pile out of the loose sand… it usually won’t allow grades of more than 30 to 35 deg. The sand just keeps flowing down. There are exceptions, I guess…) Perhaps turn the “peak” into more of a rock outcropping jutting from the dunes…?

Great ripples on the near dune…

I just love it.

More sand ripples on the surface will be great.

good work.

The ripples are too repetitive if you ask me… you might be better off with a larger texture. They’re also not modeled into the surface so you may want to think about trying displacement so you can see clearly that they’re indeed three dimensional. Little bit dark overall but its quite nice… good mood. I would make the sand a different color however. It seems to have a lot of green in it right now.

Ack! You’re right.
I was working on it on my laptop.
Here on my office monitors it’s very dark…and yeah, greenish.

Thanks for the feedback so far, gang. I’ve seen peaks this pointy, but you’re all correct, most of them are much less steep. You’d never know it from climbing one, though! :stuck_out_tongue:

The main dune is a giant NURBS surface…don’t think I can subsurf, but I’ll tweak it accordingly.

The foreground will be more active…some grass and the round tracks they make, etc.

Update this evening.

The ripples could use some work, maybe more wavy.